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About the Author

Carolyn M. Prince is a business, church, and civic leader residing in Loris, South Carolina. At a young age, she often saw end-time prophecy different from what was being taught. She thought she was just confused, but later the Holy Spirit led her to realize she might not be. The Revelation Unlocked is the result of many years of Bible study, and it gives a completely different, but enlightening, point of view on end-time prophecy.

In writing The Revelation Unlocked, she hopes to help people come to a better understanding of the book of Revelation and end time Bible prophecy.  Scripture says that at the time of the end, the wise will understand.  Therefore, she feels that Christians everywhere should be able to recognize and understand Bible prophecy as it is being fulfilled.  It is her hope that Christians will use insight gained from The Revelation Unlocked   to explain end time Bible prophecy to others as it unfolds, thereby spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ to those who have not yet come to know Christ as Lord and Savior.