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Editorial Reviews

The Revelation Unlocked
Carolyn M. Prince

"A detailed look at Revelation and prophecies concerning the end times.

"Prince delves deeply into the book of Revelation to explore its passages, signs, and symbols and how they relate to the modern age. In particular, she believes that the current political situation in Israel and the politics of the Middle East are part of the eschatology of Revelation. To that end, she unpacks practically every symbol in the book, often comparing them to other symbolic objects or words in the Bible, and includes long lists of words mentioned in the Bible and their symbolic meanings: e.g., '"The 'sun' is used to symbolize the source of man's light, that is, the source of his wisdom and understanding."' The lists provide an interesting overview of the complex language of the Scriptures and a new way of looking at the Bible. She explains when the tribulation.will start, how long it will last, and what the effects will be on Christians, Jews and the world as a whole... The book packs in an impressive amount of content. Even details about the end times-an intriguing topic, to be sure."

-Kirkus Reviews

"Few books of the Bible have been more closely examined than Revelation, the prophetic, ultimate chapter in Christian scripture. With its often baroque and sometimes violent imagery, its enigmatic symbols and ciphers, and a cosmic story that pits good against evil, it is a work that stirs the imagination (and let's face it, it scares the heck out of people, too). In The Revelation Unlocked, Carolyn M. Prince.sets out to reveal the secrets of this mysterious text and in the process unpack what is often a dense and confusing work.

"Prince covers a wide range of topics-from the Rapture to the Tribulation to the Anti-Christ to the promise of a new heaven and earth-and she demonstrates an astute passion for her subject. Moreover, she knows that Revelation doesn't exist in a vacuum, that it is a work that grows out of prophecies from the Hebrew Bible. She does a capable job of blending Old and New Testament references in simple language."

-Blueink Reviews